Interior Design Affiliates

Thank you for considering Stems as an affiliate! In short we would like to offer you a trade discount/commission every time you and/or your client orders a faux floral design and/or curated art from us. 

Current faux floral discount/commission: *Up to 30%

Current curated art discount/commission: *Up to 30%

Our faux floral process is set up to give you and/or your client the most artistic output with the convenience of going through the process remotely. Faux floral designs typically range from $400-$10,000. Please view our simple four step process found here. Potential areas include the following:

  • Front Door (Wreaths)

  • Foyer

  • Formal Living Room

  • Formal Dining Room

  • Kitchen Island

  • Coffee Table

  • Bedrooms

  • Bathrooms


The curated art by our team is geared toward making a statement for interiors! All of our art is certified by us and we will provide a certificate of authenticity upon sale to you and/or your clients. We encourage you to look at the current curated art selection found here.

We are professionals that believe in building relationships. Furthermore, we realize that as the interior designer, you have a design vision that has to be carefully executed in order for the job to be done right the first time. Therefore, if your client reaches out to us for faux floral or interior statement needs, we will always ask them to defer to you first. Not only will this increase your commission opportunities, more importantly, it will prevent design visions from clashing. If your client expresses that they are not working with you for their current inquiry or purchase, you will not be entitled to the benefits of this program for that particular instance.

*Additional Terms & Conditions:

You will automatically be entitled to a 20% trade discount/commission for both the faux floral and curated art if you are in the interior design trade. In order to qualify for a part or whole of the additional 10% discount/commission opportunity, you must do the following:

  • Follow @shopstems on Instagram [Worth an additional 1% every time you and/or your client shops with us as long as you continue to follow @shopstems]
  • Qualify (approval from management) and participate for a brief photo shoot of the design(s) purchased from our team at your clients home/office/other. Photo shoot paid for by Stems. Pictures will be shared with you for your marketing/portfolio needs. [Worth an additional 8%]
  • "Like" and "tag" @shopstems on your Instagram page after qualifying and participating in the shoot. [Worth an additional 1%] 

You will be asked to provide proof that you are in the interior design industry. Stems has the right to stop or modify this program at any time for any reason to anyone and/or everyone. Delivery and set up fees are not included as part of the commission/discount. Please be sure to bookmark this page to see the latest benefits & terms. For any questions or inquiries you may reach out to Jim at for any questions and/or inquiries.