Interior Design Affiliate Program

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This is a mutually beneficial program only offered for Interior Design affiliates doing business in the Bay Area. In short, you will be entitled to the following trade discount/commissions from our studio: 

  1. Curated art: *Up to 20%
  2. Preserved mixed media: *Up to 20%
  3. Personal use discount for fresh floral statements: *20% off

The curated art in our studio are all original pieces made from artists that we represent exclusively. The art pieces typically range from $500-$20,000. A great first step to selling our art to your clients is coming to our "meet the artist" events. There you will be able to meet the artist, learn about their work and have photos taken by one of our photographers so you can share it on your social media and other marketing platforms.

Our process for creating preserved mixed media designs is streamlined and comprehensive so you and/or your client  receive the most artistic output with the convenience of going through the process remotely. These designs typically range from $200-$5,000/each. Please view our portfolio found here. Potential areas include the following:

  • Front Door (Wreaths)
  • Foyer
  • Powder Room
  • Formal Living Room
  • Formal Dining Room
  • Kitchen Island
  • Coffee Table
  • Side tables
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Wall Spaces
  • And more!

Using your personal use discount to send fresh floral statements (designs) from our studio shows your clients, friends and family that you didn't go with the most convenient and/or most affordable option, instead, you opted to go with the most artistic option. The exception to the personal use discount is for the following:

  • Wedding and Event Design (multiple designs/day)
  • Delivery &/or Set-up fees


We are professionals that believe in building long-lasting & fruitful relationships.

Furthermore, we realize that as the interior designer, you have a design vision that has to be carefully executed in order for the project to be done right the first time. Therefore, if your client reaches out to us for preserved natural media designs or curated art, we will always ask them to defer to you first. Not only will this increase your commission opportunities, more importantly, it will prevent design visions from clashing.

If your client expresses that they are not working with you for their current inquiry or project, you will not be entitled to the benefits of this program for that particular instance.

To start a custom preserved natural media project, simply fill out the form found here or have your client fill it out. Our team will review your submission and come up with a couple of different concepts based on the information submitted and relay it back to you. We have exclusive designer containers that when coupled with our natural media designs  will really give you and your clients a statement piece.

For curated art inquiries, you may email Jim:

To take advantage of your personal use offer towards our fresh floral statements, please fill out the form found here.  

Terms & Conditions:

You will automatically receive a 15% trade discount/commission for both the preserved natural media and curated art if you are in the interior design trade. In order to qualify for the remaining 5% discount/commission opportunity, you must do and/or qualify for the following:

  • Follow @shopstems on Instagram & like our Facebook business page.[Worth an additional 0.5% each (1% total) of commission as long as you continue to follow us on both platforms. We will follow you in return ;)
  • Qualify (approval from Jim, the General Manager) and participate for a brief photo shoot of the design(s) purchased from our studio at your clients home/office/other. Photography provided by Stems. Pictures will be shared with you for your marketing/portfolio needs. Client's personal info will be kept anonymous unless otherwise agreed upon [Worth an additional 4%]

To apply your personal use offer towards fresh floral statements, you must select a design with a "retail value" of $109 or more. Your personal use offer does not apply towards wedding or events or delivery &/or set-up fees.